At UK Mats, we produce custom logo mats for many different public settings so have a clear understanding of what’s needed. We’ve produced these items for big-name clients as diverse as the UK office of the European Parliament, Wembley Stadium, Guildford train station, the Royal Courts of Justice and HMPs Full Sutton and Aylesbury.

So we fully appreciate just how tough and hardwearing these mats have to be, and how they need to inspire confidence, project the right image and perhaps help reassure people as well, particularly somewhere like a court. Equally, they need to show branding that’s consistent, for example with a website.

By trapping dirt, grease and moisture, of course, these products also keep floors clean, hygienic and safe while ensuring grime doesn’t get trailed across the rest of your surfaces.

Logo mats for public places  

We create high-performing logo entrance mats for a range of public settings that do all of the above and more. UK Mats can reproduce your logo faithfully in your own brand colours, so it’s pin-sharp and as detailed as you need.

Why choose us for public-place matting?

Our products for public settings are long-lasting, fully washable, and have a nitrile rubber backing that won’t crack or hold oil and grease stains.

UK Mats never asks for a minimum order, plus we have access to the full Pantone palette for custom logo entrance mats. Once you’ve approved your A4 visual, we’ll print your design digitally on to nylon yarn via our HD Chromo Jet Printer, locking in colour-fastness.

We can also design or adjust your existing logo if you prefer.

Talk to us about these kinds of mats, wherever in the UK you need them, whatever the setting and however many pairs of feet will be walking across them.