At UK Mats, we manufacture our coir mats using high-quality coconut fibres. This is a natural material that creates works well for business and commercial entrance mats as well as home doormats. These strong coconut fibres are bound together with a thick vinyl backing material, perfect for areas with high footfall.

Coir matting is one of the most popular choices for commercial entrance mats in the UK. Coir mats are traditional but still offer a unique look for your brand. Our coir logo mats can also be customised with your company logo. Because of its coarse surface, coir matting also scrapes dirt and dust from visitors’ shoes, protecting your property from any outside waste being tracked across your floor and helping to create a better impression for your brand. We offer both standard, large and cut-to-size coir matting which can be fitted into an existing mat well.





The dream when buying anything is to find an affordable price for a high-quality product. But, this can be a reality with our coir mats. Especially when compared to other options such as rubber-backed entrance matting for example. You can find a unique coir mat that will have all the other benefits you’d expect, without spending over your budget.


All our coir mats scrape and wipe dirt and dust from anyone or anything travelling over the mat. This is because of the texture of the high-quality coconut fibres we use for these mats. They will keep your property hygienic, as well as protected from excess water and waste being tracked through your property.


Coir matting, otherwise known as coconut matting, is made up of natural coconut fibres making it the perfect choice for a natural and more sustainable look.


Our coir matting has been made to last and will withstand higher footfall areas and keep its shape whilst continuing to perform well and protect against trips and slips.


Coir mats have a look that is impossible to replicate with any other floor mat. Whatever your style preference, you can adapt coir mats to match your interior or exterior design. Including both natural and traditional styles. Our team at UK Mats can also dye your coir mats in many different colours.


One of the main benefits of coir matting is adaptability. They’re ideal for exterior and internal use. As well as in mat wells or recesses. You have total control over the size and shape of your coir mat and its depth. For an entrance mat with the most range of options, coir matting is the perfect solution.


You will see coir mats outside homes and businesses across the UK. From hotels, restaurants and pubs to retail shops and residential properties. The design of coir mats makes them the ideal choice for anyone who wants heavy-duty entrance mats. They keep out dirt and dust and stop moisture and bacteria in their tracks. At UK Mats, we offer a range of coir mats. This includes coir logo mats and minimalistic options. They’re one of the most durable entrance mats available. This is because of their surface of coconut bristles, as well as the sturdy vinyl backing. Here are some more exclusive benefits of our coir matting:

Our team at UK Mats can offer coir matting with both traditional and modern looks. They provide a professional way to greet visitors at the entrance to your business. As well as a rustic and comfortable entrance mat for any home. When building our coir mats we only use high-quality coconut fibres. This is why the coir mats we offer are durable and ideal for high-footfall areas. Our coir mats are 100% natural, hardwearing, safe, and offer a unique look. Despite the fact that coir matting captures dirt and dust they’re able to remain clean. The reason they’re so resilient is that the materials are mothproof and rot and fungi-resistant. They will provide benefits for years even in extreme weather conditions. Coir matting coconut fibres are naturally hygroscopic which means they attract and hold water molecules. They breathe in moisture and distribute it back into the atmosphere. This helps to maintain consistent humidity around the area you place the mat.

Logo Coir Mats

At UK Mats, we are the leading designer of high-quality logo mats in the UK. This, of course, includes our logo coir mats. These mats are of the highest quality in the industry. This is because we use a unique ‘cut and inlay’ method. Other printing methods involve printing your logo directly onto your coir mat. The reason why this isn’t effective is that the logo easily wears off and is a technique used to save on costs. Our cut-and-inlay method involves your chosen logo design being cut and inlaid directly into the coir mat’s surface. This provides a higher-quality finish that will last for much, much longer. For more information on any of the coir mats options we offer, get in touch with our team today. You will always find a friendly voice to discuss your coir mat ideas with. Visit our contact page and fill out an enquiry form with any questions. Or give us a call on 01494 880066. Our email is