Milliken Obex – Prior™

Prior™ is a flexible flooring product that is installed easily into external mat wells. It is available in base colour, Graphite, and is fully compatible withForma™. Prior™ matting is ideal in heavy soiling environments with high footfall.

Milliken Obex Forma™

Forma™ flooring product is installed as primary or secondary matting in matwells. They are durable PVC tiles that incorporate a patented textile tile insert. These carpet tiles help retain dirt and moisture.

Milliken Obex matting is easy to install and clean unlike many aluminium systems, where templates have to be made. This is why it is the first choice for entrance matwells. Milliken Obex Forma™ is available in the following colours; Graphite or Aluminium.

UK Mats have been supplying Milliken Obex to customers for nearly twenty years. Some of our clients include:

  • Sainsbury sites nationwide
  • Chiltern District Council
  • Empire Cinemas
  • KFC
  • New Look
  • Royal Courts of Justice
  • Royal Priors Shopping Centre, Leamington Spa
  • Save The Children Fund, Head Office, London
  • Wokingham District Council
  • Wycombe Swan Theatre

Milliken Obex carpet tiles are ideal for food retailers, schools, shopping centers, offices and other areas with a high footfall.

We also offer a service to our customers to clean, maintain and repair existing Milliken Obex installations. Our installation team can work out of hours to suit your needs.

If you are interested in Milliken Obex mats, UK Mats will complete a full site survey before we provide a quotation.

UK Mats Ltd is fully accredited to CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme) and we can provide Method Statements, Risk Assessment as well as full technical specifications.

What are Mat Well Mats?

Installing a mat well outside (or inside) your business involves lowering a section of ground where you want to place your mat. This is the mat well. The mat well design allows the mat to be completely level with the ground. Which reduces the risk of anyone slipping or tripping on the mat. This unique style allows us to install your doormat or commercial entrance mat, so it perfectly aligns with the ground. Mat well mats are the mats that our team will insert into the well or recess in the flooring. When fitted mats are secure, these mats will offer a safe and stylish entrance to your property. The mats come in a variety of different styles from coir mats to many different utility mats. Everyone’s exterior design ideas are different. And the depth required for a new mat well is going to differ as well. Our expert fitting team will ensure that your mat well matting is level with the floor. This is to provide the best look possible and guarantee the mat and surrounding floor is safe to walk across. As well as confirm that the mat well complies with all legislation such as the DDA act. Whatever your met well project or ideas are, UK Mats can help. One of our friendly and expert team will always be happy to discuss what we offer with you. From brand-new mats to replacement options. Our mat well mats range has the ideal option for a variety of style preferences, as well as any budget.

The Benefits of Mat Wells

Mat well mats at the entrance to your business have a wide range of benefits, as well as any other properties they serve. From trapping and collecting dirt to displaying a prominent brand image. They also help protect people entering your property from slipping or falling. This is because this type of entrance mat comes with the option to be fitted wall to wall. It’s also securely fitted with industry specialised glue to ensure the mat is fixed into the ground and totally stationary. This hugely decreases the risk of slips or falls. This can be a problem with mats that are not fitted correctly, as well as other low-quality loose-lay mat options. No matter your business, ensuring your building and offices are clean and hygienic is essential. Entrance mats will ensure less dirt is trampled inside your property. High-quality mat well mats catch debris and waste from people’s shoes before they enter. Even if they only walk across the mat quickly. Doormat wells are the ideal way to ensure less dirt is tracked into your property. As well as guarantee people have the perfect welcome when entering your house or business. Mat well mats are an exceptional solution for properties that have a high footfall. Such as an office building or a business’s front reception area.

Obex Mat

We are one of the main distributors and specialist contractors for the installation of Milliken Obex mats. These mats are fantastic for buildings with a more unique shape, they are created using a tile system in a modular fashion so you can make any shape you desire.

Why Choose UK Mats?

Here at UK Mats, we’re the leading mat specialists and provider in the UK. When operating our full service, the 20 000 sq. ft factory supplies around 20 000 mats a week across the country. The high-quality mat well matting we provide can transform businesses across a range of industries. Including gyms and leisure centres, as well as industrial factories and white-collar businesses. This is the reason we are the specialists at fitting new mat well mat, as well as mat well refurbishments. For more information on any of the mats we offer, get in touch with our team today. You will always find a friendly voice to discuss your mat ideas with. Visit our contact page and fill out an enquiry form with any questions. Or give us a call on 01494 880066. Our email is