Some of the most important products we offer are safe entrance mats. We ensure that every entrance mat we provide is built to reduce the risk of trips or falls. As well as designed to prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked across your workplace. This is also why we ensure all our floor mats are machine washable so you can retain it’s high-quality. Our specialist health and safety entrance mats reduce the risk of people slipping or tripping over. As well as provide exceptional hygiene benefits by preventing dirt from spreading across the workplace. We also offer anti-fatigue mats that help support your staff while they’re working. This is why we offer the ideal range of safety mats. Anti-fatigue mats will help to reduce the risk of injury from sustained physical labour. These safety mats offer protection for staff working on cold, uncomfortable surfaces, such as concrete floors. Anti-fatigue mats stimulate improved blood flow and will reduce aches and pain from working. This makes them the ideal safety mat to improve the welfare of your team. To find out more about how our high-quality, machine washable floor mats can safeguard your business, contact us today.

Types of Health & Safety Mats

To ensure you comply with strict health and safety regulations it’s important to only use high-quality safety floor mats. Of course, every business and industry will have it’s own unique health and safety requirements. This means that you may need a different type of health and safety mat than a different company in another industry. Whatever safety mat you have, whether it’s a standard entrance mat or a heavy-duty, vinyl-backed, anti-static mat, it needs to be machine washable. Over time, every floor mat will need to be cleaned. This is to ensure they maintain their quality for years. That’s why, at UK Mats, all our floor mats are machine washable and we offer a specialist mat washing service. Here are some examples of different machine-washable floor mats, as well as the health and safety benefits they offer:

Wet Area Mats

One of the biggest causes of slips and falls is wet flooring. Wet area floor mats are the ideal solution to this issue. These safety mats will eliminate the risk of slipping on wet surfaces as wet area mats either absorb the water or wipe it away. This prevents water that’s tracked in from outside from pooling on the floor and creating a hazard for everyone within the building. Wet area mats can also be used outside in swimming pool or spa areas. They’re easy to clean and have antimicrobial properties to prevent infections spreading from dirt and moisture building up. These safety mats are built from rubber and have a woven pattern that helps to wipe away any dirt and moisture.

Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats are built for use in any kitchen environment, bar, or other food preparation area. The main benefit of these rubber mats is hygiene, as well as health and safety. Kitchen mats protect the floor from dropped food produce and spilt liquids. The safety mats are also antimicrobial so prevent bacterial growth and maintain pristine hygiene. Kitchen mats are easy to clean because of its woven pattern that drains away any liquids from the safety mat and your staff. This is why they’re ideal for use in bars and kitchens as they protect against spilt oil, alcohol, and water. Our kitchen mats are greaseproof which prevents its surfaces from becoming slippery as well.

Anti-Static Mats

Anti-static mats protect members of staff who work with electricity or electronic goods. They protect people from suffering an electric shock as they’re made from heavy-duty, non-conductive rubber. All our anti-static mats have been tested and comply with the latest health and safety specifications. These floor mats also protect the floor from electrostatic discharges (ESD), preventing serious damage over time. These safety mats insulate and protect people working with switchboards or any electrical devices. They protect your staff and reduce the risk of damage to equipment.

Customer Service

At UK Mats, we understand the importance of customer service. Especially, when dealing with something as significant as health and safety. This is why we strive to have complete customer satisfaction with every mat we provide. Get in touch today, our team are always available to discuss your health and safety mat requirements and will provide solutions to any problems you have. Ask about our UK delivery services today. Give us a call on 01494 880066 or email us on Or please feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our contact page.