At UK Mats, we offer a wide variety of logo mats, ideal for all budgets and style preferences. This includes printed rubber-backed logo mats, fitted logo mats and coir logo mats.

A simple touch like a branded logo mat upon arrival can transform someone’s perception of your business, helping you to convey your professionalism and expertise to any guests. All you need is a clearly defined logo and image; our design and printing experts will take care of the rest.

When ordering from us here at UK Mats, there is no minimum order for our custom logo mats. Our printed logo mats are available to order online or speak to our team about coir logo mats today!



Printed Logo Mats

Our high-quality logo mats will visually enhance an entrance area and help to reinforce a corporate identity with your entrance mat.Floor surfaces are protected from the damaging effects of dust and dirt with durable, machine washable, logo mats.Looking For Fast Delivery?Choose our Express Service below for delivery in 5 working days!**Prefer To Rent This Mat & Spread The Cost?Our rubber-backed logo mats are also available to rent which includes regular cleaning and allows you to spread the cost. Dirty mats will be picked up at your chosen interval and replaced with freshly cleaned mats! Just drop us a message to ask about mat rental.
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Coir Logo Mats

UK Mats are the leading supplier of Logo Coir Mats in the UK. Our Logo Coir mats are the best quality on the market using what we call a 'cut and inlay' method. Instead of printing your logo directly onto the mat, which is very cheap and easily wears off, your logo is cut and inlaid into the coir which provides a far higher quality mat.If you would like to buy a Logo Coir Mat, please fill in the enquiry form below or give us a call on 01494 880066. This is because all coir mats are made by hand and we have to calculate the labour cost involved.

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Investing in branded logo mats will give your business a smarter and more professional look, creating great first impressions for visitors whilst providing all the benefits expected of an entrance mat.


Choosing a logo mat will enhance the look of your business whilst complementing your existing decor. Colours can be matched to that of your brand which will help tie in your entrance with the rest of your building.


A branded entrance mat will help to enhance your brand and make it memorable and can help to create a sense of identity in settings such as schools and offices.


All of our logo mats are made to last and withstand heavy footfall and the typical English weather. Not only this but the printing techniques we use mean they are less prone to fading and will look great for many years to come!


If you’re looking for professionally fitted logo mats we can offer this service within a 50-mile radius of High Wycombe, which includes clients in London. Our fitting teams will ensure your mat is fitted to the highest standards. We also supply branded coir matting UK-wide which can be easily fitted into existing mat wells. Speak to us today about our professional branded mat fitting servicing.